I have been a HUGE candle fan of yours for years (maybe your biggest, lol)...I wanted to tell you how much I ENJOY your candles and they are the BEST I have ever used (and I am a candle-holic and buy name brands and spend tons and yours are the ULTIMATE in quality!) My fav. would be the coffee and blueberry jars..I give tons for gifts. ...Lisa G. via Facebook

"I was lucky enough to receive a Lyon Cahaba Lily scented candle four years ago, and have not bought any other brand of candle since then. I order 20 candles each September, with various scents, and enjoy them myself but they also make great hostess, teacher and birthday gifts. When I host a party I receive so many compliments about the candles. They are truly the best."
Katie Mann, Williamsburg VA

"I live in Ocean, New Jersey and shop frequently in New York City. I have never found candles that last as long or have such subtle scents as Lyon Candles. I highly recommend them."
William Joseph, Ocean, NJ

“Lyon Candles are wonderful!!! I not only sell them in my shop but burn them regularly in my home. The fragrances are so rich and inviting. My customers always come back for more!”
Janet Smith, "Picket Fences", Selma, AL

“You can light a candle in one room and smell it throughout the house, but it is not too overpowering. You can even smell it when it’s not lit and you’re in the room.”
Ellen, Brandon, MS

"I have been buying Lyon Candles for 4 years now. They burn very slow and the wicks don't seem to smoke like others. My fragrances are very light and not too overpowering. I try to always have one burning in my home. I know you will enjoy your candles like I do.

Stephanie Gallagher, Austin, TX

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