Custom candle fundraiser for your Alabama Church, youth group, school, cheerleaders........

Our candle fundraisers are easy to do!!!

Your group can sell with brochures or tart samples BUT the most effective fundraisers we've done use a sample of the candles. This sets our fundraisers apart from most others. Wouldn't you rather hold and smell the candle you were asked to buy instead of just seeing a brochure?

  • Match your school colors for a very personalized approach with our handpoured candles made in Alabama
  • FREE shipping on AL orders over 200 !
  • Make more profit from selling ONE candle as compared to 10 or more candy bars!!!
  • No money upfront. Your group sells, collects funds, and pays only for the number of candles you need.

To get started... Simply email us or give me a call so we can discuss your fundraising goals, determine colors and fragrances, and start/end dates. We truly appreciate the opportunity to help with your fundraising.

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